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Smart040421.09.2023 12:07

Yesterday I ordered a 100 YouTube subs. Today I checked and if I’m not mistaken, I got 279 subs.To be honest I didn’t expect that. Thank you so much! I will order more for sure.

Muhamaddian21.09.2023 12:00

This shit is legit!! Finally got monetized. Thank you :)

omarryan21.09.2023 11:56

well idk yest but the subscribers I purchased 3h ago JUST STARTED ROLLING IN!! that’s the first time I’m doin it so it’s kinda exiting. THANK YOU Mr P!!

vorona32221.09.2023 11:49

I brought 500 Subs.. but I got 570! OMG. Is this an accident? I don’t get it. Anyways, thanks!

quifzfn21.09.2023 11:42

First I was thinking that this was a scam. Anyways, I bought 1000 subs, and in 3 hours I was getting subs like crazy. Thanks!

li_bad_karma_il21.09.2023 11:35


Bobykhan21.09.2023 11:28

YYAaass I ordered 2,500 subs and they are coming in like crazy and they are real and active some of them have commented on our videos!!!! I plan on ordering much more

Babaika21.09.2023 11:21

I highly recommend you buy YouTube subscribers from MRPOPULAR. The customer service is very professional and the subscribers were delivered promptly. Very happy with this service!

Rajpalram21.09.2023 11:14

Love you guys! Seriously! You have a great customer service team (thanks for your help Anna) and your subscribers were delivered quickly! Btw I am very pleased with the quality of each account (I ordered hight quality real subes). 2 weeks later, I still have all of my subscribers. Keep up the amazing work! I will be sure to purchase more :D

55073593121.09.2023 11:07

mrpopular is GREAT! I gained like 100 subscribers in an hour! jeez