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Buy Viber members and followers

How to Promote Your Community on Viber by Purchasing Subscribers

A large number of people use Viber. Their numbers are steadily increasing year after year. New features are introduced, communities are formed, and new VR masks are added to the messenger. To put it another way, the app is evolving. Real subscribers are something that online stores, bloggers, and other Viber channel or group owners who want to make money from them must have.

Real followers are possible, but you must have a starting point. We're not talking about money here, but about other subscribers and their activity. What does it imply? If you want to learn more about it, read the entire article!

How will promotion benefit your Viber community?

The majority of people follow the herd instinct. This is when they look at society and do the same, even if they were unsure what to do before. The same principle applies to social networks and instant messengers. When a user enters a channel or a Viber group and sees that there are no members, likes, or other statistics, they will simply leave. They do not want to squander their time. However, if the community has several thousand subscribers, the posts have likes, and some are even shared, the visitor will not want to leave so quickly. After reading the posts, they'll subscribe. They will readily follow the others' lead since this has already been done before them.

It is crucial to acquire followers for your group before offering official advertising because of this.

The percentage of new members will then be substantially higher, and visits and subscriptions will be far less expensive. By doing this, you'll be able to conserve money on advertising while obtaining more precisely targeted subscribers.

However, keep in mind that if a group or channel has a large number of subscribers but no likes or shares, this may appear suspicious. As a result, we recommend purchasing activity statistics in addition to subscribers. This includes likes, views, and reposts. Then everything will appear natural, and genuine users will not suspect you of purchasing promotion services.

Is it possible to earn money by purchasing advertising for other people and businesses?

Our service does not preclude you from acting as an intermediary. You can use our services if you are a new social media manager who does not yet understand all of Viber's promotion mechanisms or do not have your own database of workers.

How does it function? Perhaps you've been contacted by a customer who wants to increase the number of subscribers to several of his pages. You might be able to assist him with some social networks, but others are beyond your scope. Should you turn down the entire offer, which could be worth a lot of money? Certainly not! Investigate our packages, rates, and terms, then add your markup and offer it to the client!

The above percentage could be anything, including 100%. The main thing is not to scare away customers with exorbitant prices and not to work for a loss. As a result, we recommend that you charge an additional 50%. This will be a sufficient fee for you to provide mediation services.

Who might need to purchase Viber members?

It is usually some kind of business. As an example, consider an online store or a blogger. There are also instances where businesses whose activities are not permitted to use official advertising resort to promotion services. It is illegal to promote gambling or escort services on Facebook. Viber follows the same set of rules. To get promoted on the Internet, the owners of such a business will purchase promotion that will help them reach the top of search results within social networks and instant messengers.

If your or your customer's Viber community is in a prohibited topic, you can promote it in the search results by using promotion services. You will need to purchase followers and activity indicators to accomplish this. Then, a group or channel will rise to the top and naturally attract the target audience.

Where can you buy Viber subscribers? We would like to draw your attention to the MRPOPULAR service! There are several promotion categories to choose from, and subscribers are classified by quality (low, medium, and high) and type (offers / real). Select a community link, enter the number of subscribers, and complete the order!